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STS Prediction Contest - Week 11

This week’s slate of games will challenge you. Low scores ahead! Come join in on Week 11 of the STS Prediction Contest.

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Week 10 Matchups

Pittsburgh (5-4) at #2 Clemson (9-0)

Vegas says: -20.5 Clemson

O/U 66.5

Revan says: 42 - 13 Clemson

Pitt has been a disappointment this season but is still a good team. Certainly I think you’d think more of them than Syracuse or NC State. Which Clemson is going to show up on Saturday? If Clemson plays like it did last week, this should be an easy game.

#24 LSU (5-3) at #25 Arkansas (6-3)

Vegas says: -7 LSU

O/U 46

Revan says: 28-20 LSU

It’s sad when this is the most interesting matchup of the week. We’ll have to dig deep this week for matchups. After a... thrilling game last week against Bama (not), hopefully this one has actual points being scored.

Minnesota (7-2) at #19 Nebraska (7-2)

Vegas says: -7 Nebraska

O/U 47.5

Revan says: 28 - 21 Minnesota

So after getting blown the fuck out by Ohio State, Nebraska is in danger of a 3 game losing streak when a surprisingly not terrible Minnesota team comes into town. The question for Nebraska is whether their QB, who was concussed against Ohio State, will play this weekend, and whether they can avoid the letdown that might come the week after playing a heavily anticipated match.

I had no idea Minnesota was 7-2, but I’m going to pick them on a whim. I need to get out of first place.

NC State (4-5) at Syracuse (4-5)

Vegas says: ?

Revan says: 38-31 NC State

Look these can’t all be marquee matchups. Sometimes you just need to sit down and take a look at two not-so-great teams fighting for a bowl game. NC State is a plucky little team but they are playing at Syracuse and as Syracuse keeps trying to tell people, that dome is tough to play in! Nevertheless, mostly because Clemson almost shat the bed against them, I’m going with NC State.

Tulsa (7-2) at Navy (6-2)

Vegas says: Tulsa -1

O/U 69

Revan says: 38-35 Navy

Nice. Do you like points? This is probably the game of the week. These teams are probably going to score a lot of points. I’m going with Navy because I don’t hate America (I kid, you can pick against Navy all you want, I won’t judge).

Here’s your link to make your picks, good luck!