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Clemson Tigers vs. Boston College Eagles: Live Gamethread

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson is 5-0 after a spectacular win against Louisville. What could be the hardest game on the schedule is not out of the way and many are predicting Clemson will finish the season undefeated. But before we get too hasty Clemson will have to travel up to Boston to take on Boston College.

BC will once again have a stout defense and Clemson could struggle to move the ball, especially on the ground. The good news is that this could be a good game for Watson to break out of his struggles with the deep ball, hopefully he can connect on a few against a substandard secondary.

The big concern in this one is an emotional let down. The game comes on a short week after a huge win. Will Clemson be mentally prepared to travel away from Clemson and get the victory. They should, but it may not be as easy as some will expect.

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