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STS Prediction Contest - Week 6

5 Games. 5 Predictions. Easier said than done. It’s Week 6 of the STS Prediction Contest. Get your picks in by Friday night because the Clemson game is on Friday night this week (ugh).

Louisville v Clemson
Deshaun congratulates a reader on their performance in the STS Prediction Contest
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Your picks must be in prior to the Clemson game this week if you’d like full credit. However, if you do not get them in by then, I will leave the form open until noon on Saturday. Obviously your Clemson game pick will not count if you submit your picks after the game begins.

#3 Clemson (5-0) at Boston College (3-2)

Vegas says: -16.5 Clemson

Revan says: 31 - 7 Clemson

We’ve had some frustrating games against BC in the past, but there is no reason we shouldn’t stomp them. I would predict Clemson to score more but I’m still not sold that the offense has shaken off their uh, rust from earlier this season and it is a short week away game. I am, fingers crossed, confident that our defense can keep BC from scoring many, if any, points. Let’s just get the win on the road and avoid injuries. An early blowout would be nice.

We’re not the Clemson of old anymore. I think we can go into this game expecting a comfortable victory and receive it.

LSU (3-2) at #18 Florida (4-1)

Vegas says: -3 LSU

Revan says: 24-21 Florida

With a new coach and an offensive explosion last week, unranked LSU is favored on the road against the Gators. Such disrespect! Granted, the Gators barely beat the vaunted Commodores last week, but that was without starting QB Luke Del Rio. Del Rio is SUPPOSED to be back this weekend.

The best thing for us, obviously, is for LSU to knock off Florida to further the perception that the SEC is not that great this year. I think Florida wins, but let’s all root for LSU.

#9 Tennessee (5-0) at #8 Texas A&M (5-0)

Vegas says: -6.5 Texas A&M

Revan says: 35-28 Texas A&M

Game of the week! Tennessee is probably the least deserving undefeated team. I’ll be pulling hard for A&M to blow them out this weekend so their fan base can stop suffering delusions of granduer. Thing is, like I said earlier this week, I can’t help but feel there are supernatural forces at work here. I guess Tennessee is going to win this game if they go down big early because apparently that’s how they operate.

I’ve picked Tennessee each time they’ve been featured in this contest and they’ve won each time. This is where it ends, though. I’m going with the Aggies!

#25 Virginia Tech (3-1) at #17 North Carolina (4-1)

Vegas says: -2.5 UNC

Revan says: 34-24 UNC

UNC just knocked off FSU. The CFB talking heads probably think they’re due for a letdown game. But at home against a ranked VT team? I think not. Regardless of whether Elijah Hood is healthy, I think UNC wins this.

It should be noted, however, that outside of that loss to Tennessee, VT has been playing quite well. They blew out BC 49-0. Their quarterback, Jerod Evans, has thrown 13 touchdowns to 1 interception. The only other quarterback in the conference playing that well right now is Mitch Trubisky of UNC. This should be an interesting one to watch.

#23 FSU (3-2) at #10 Miami (4-0)

Vegas says: -3 Miami

Revan says: 38-35 FSU

When was the last time FSU wasn’t ranked? They’ve got a tough “away” matchup against Miami (I’m assuming the stadium will be mostly full of FSU fans). Miami hasn’t really shown us much this year. They beat App State on the road, a game many thought might be a trap game and they beat Georgia Tech at home. That’s pretty much it.

Y’know what? Let’s go with FSU for an upset special. FSU seemed to go through the motions during parts of the UNC game last week and still almost won. They’re basically out of contention now, but they’ve got too much talent to be 3-3 right?

It’s probably better for the conference that Miami win out to face the ACC Atlantic champion. In that scenario you could have 3 legitimate playoff contenders in Clemson, Miami and Louisville, assuming each wins out. Obviously at most only 2 would get in, and that would require a number of favorable things to happen, but it’s possible.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves. FSU is going to right the ship and upset Miami. I’m willing to wager absolutely 0 dollars on this.

Here is your link to make your picks. Good luck!