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The Pawcast: Textile Bowl thoughts

The Pawcast looked for the sweet amid the salt after a harrowing day at Memorial Stadium.

North Carolina State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

7-0 felt impossible in the closing seconds on Saturday, despite a strong statistical showing on offense, a stable game on special teams, and yet another 10-point defensive effort.

At this helpless moment, Clemson Tigers fans stewed with dismay while haters nation-wide smoothed their mustaches, “#cl*ms*n*ng” tweets saved to their Drafts (or prematurely posted in gleeful anticipation).

As if to smite these vultures, the football gods answered our prayers and delivered a wide-right kick as time expired. All that was left were the formalities of an overtime TD strike (a Renfrow-inspired slant call), and game-sealing pick from warrior-poet Marcus Edmond.

And so, 7-0 is real, as is the 45-game win streak over unranked opponents.

In this week’s show, we touched on frustrations and adjustments in pursuit of “Best-is-Standard” and the team’s remaining season goals. It starts with turnovers, as the Tigers have coughed it up more than 123 other FBS teams on the season, but only once more than last year’s team through 7 games.

We’re eager to get your feedback in the comments. Were our initial reactions too harsh? Have you ordered your Costco-sized drum of Pepto Bismol for the close games to come?

Enjoy the show!

Time Marks:

  • 1:05 - Initial Thoughts / Game Reaction
  • 9:20 - Offense
  • — This team's identity
  • — #2 running back
  • — Watson’s quietly superb outing
  • 38:38 - Defense:
  • — Pass rush (or lack thereof)
  • — Showing cracks (albeit hairline ones)
  • 57:53 - Bama, Ohio State, and the ACC Coastal