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Clemson’s got a bye, so they built a house and other news

No game? Build a house. Also, Swag Kelly receives an interesting opportunity.

North Carolina State v Clemson
This is an interesting look.
Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

It’s a bye week aka a slow news week

The Tigers have a bye this week, so why not build a house? As you probably know, Deshaun Watson lived in a home built by Habitat for Humanity when he was growing up in Georgia. Deshaun and the rest of the team took some time to give back to the community by helping out Habitat for Humanity (a worthy cause, incidentally).

While helping Habitat out, Deshaun was honored by being named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works team. His mom and aunt also surprised him by showing up.

Happy early Halloween!

We’ve had baby Mangino and baby Andy Reid. Now we have 2nd grade Ben Boulware!

Love this costume! #ALLIN

Posted by Sarah Garber Senn on Saturday, October 15, 2016

If this kid grows 3 or 4 feet and puts on like 175 pounds, he could be a stud for us one day.

Now for some slightly NSFW news....

You may have heard that everyone’s favorite former Clemson player who was kicked off the team for an excess of swag was trying to hit up a former adult film actress earlier this season before Ole Miss lost to FSU. That actress not only shot him down but publicly exposed him and ridiculed him.

Ole Miss has struggled this season, so one uh, respectable (?) online adult entertainment streaming company has stepped forward to offer Swag a second chance at getting a lady friend.

I’m just going to let you read about it.

Other News

In other news, QB commit Hunter Johnson lead his team to their first conference title. Johnson will be one of several vying to replace Deshaun Watson when he presumably takes his talents to the NFL after this season.

Finally, Littlejohn’s remodeling is done and the ribbon has been cut. This happened last week, but hey, it’s football season. The new facilities look nice! Brad Brownell has no excuses now!