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Clemson Tigers vs. N.C. State Wolfpack: Live Gamethread

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Clemson Death Star Offense is close to full operational. That may be the biggest takeaway from Clemson's casual win over Boston College. The next step is consistency, and Clemson has an opportunity to show that consistency against NC State today.

While NC State has had an excellent start to the season at 4-1, the Wolfpack are extremely beatable. Clemson has much more talent at every position and the advantage of playing at home. Oh and it is homecoming as well.

This week is all about winning and staying healthy. Clemson's biggest remaining test is 2 weeks from now in Tallahassee. If Clemson can beat NC State and stay healthy, the two weeks to heal up will be pretty nice. I wouldn't mind seeing us air the ball out a bit, just to watch some nice catches from #WRU.

As always join us in the the comments below to discuss this one. Hopefully y'all're actually up to watch.