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STS Prediction Contest - Week 7

There’s much at stake in Week 7 of the STS Prediction Contest. There are two Top 10 matchups this week and yet I find the matchups not compelling.

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Normally when you have two Top 10 matchups you’d think it was going to be a good college football weekend. Unfortunately I think both will be lopsided affairs as two of those teams are probably quite overrated.

NC State (4-1) at #3 Clemson (6-0)

Vegas says: -18 Clemson

Revan says: 52-14 Clemson

I see no reason why this should be a close game. We should run away with this barring catastrophe. I don’t want to jinx things, but we’ve lost to NC State once in like the last dozen games. This game should go much like BC except NC State’s defense is not as good as BC’s but their offense is better.

UNC (4-2) at #16 Miami (4-1)

Vegas says: -7.5 Miami

Revan says: 35-28 UNC

Folks, this is my upset special. I believe my upset special might be undefeated this year. Let’s keep the magic going by predicting UNC to upset Miami at Miami. UNC got waxed by Virginia Tech last week and Miami also didn’t look that impressive in a close loss to FSU. Weather conditions could have played a factor in both games. I just don’t think Miami is really “back” yet.

#1 Alabama (6-0) at #9 Tennessee (5-1)

Vegas says: -13 Alabama

Revan says: 45-28 Alabama

Oh man a Top 10 matchup! But, Alabama is involved. The graph for this next week is going to be like 98% Alabama with the remaining 2% having misclicked on Tennessee.

The thing is, Tennessee could pull this off. They’ve got their voodoo magic going on, even if it couldn’t save them last week against the Aggies. They’ve got some talent on their team. It’s a home game...hey, it could happen. Unlikely, but it certainly could happen.

#12 Ole Miss (3-2) #22 Arkansas (4-2)

Vegas says: -7.5 Ole Miss

Revan says: 38-28 Ole Miss

A 3-2 Ole Miss team is ranked #12 for some reason. The sad thing is I think they’ll win this game and maybe move into the top 10. Undeservedly. Why are they ranked above FSU that uh, beat them and has the same number of losses as them? Oh yes, that elite SEC conference is soooo hard. Ole Miss has been real impressive beating an overrated UGA team, Wofford and uh, Memphis. RANK ‘EM #12.

Basically they’re ranked this high because they lost to Alabama by 5 points. Please. If they lose this game and fall to 3-3 are the voters really going to keep them in the top 25? They better not.

#2 Ohio State (5-0) at #8 Wisconsin (4-1)

Vegas says: -10 OSU

Revan says: 42-21 OSU

What the heck? Why is Wisconsin #8? This is another yawn Top 10 matchup for me because I think OSU is going to beat Wisconsin handily. Of course, I thought the same thing about Michigan, and that was at Michigan. Could Wisconsin actually upset Ohio State? I kinda hope so. I’d certainly rather play Wisconsin than Ohio State or Michigan.

Woah, getting ahead of myself there. Let’s focus on beating NC State.

Here is your link to make your picks. Good luck!