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Dabo Swinney wants you to eat a biscuit on Saturday and other Clemson News

Coach Swinney advises you to eat a biscuit to fuel up for the early kickoff this weekend. This edition of your news roundup also includes some injury notes and other tidbits of information.

U.S. Confederate Descendants Throw Annual Festival In Brazil Celebrating U.S. Roots Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

This is not STS Cookin folks. Do not be deceived by the delicious biscuits in the photo.

It’s been busy at work which, of course, is when I usually dig around the internet for Clemson news to aggregate together for STS. So, apologies if today’s news roundup is a bit less substantial.

We start off with a major news item.

Dabo Swinney wants you to eat a biscuit

Noon games, folks. We don’t like ‘em very much. If you think they’re brutal on the east coast, keep in mind that the Clemson faithful on the west coast get to prepare for a 9AM game. Tailgating with coffee, woohoo!

Dabo is a man of the people. He understands that noon games are not ideal. But, he still wants Clemson fans to get out there on Saturday against NC State and get loud. Dabo’s challenge to us is to “show up... be ready... let’s get up and eat a biscuit and be ready to roll.”

I may have lead with this relatively minor item so I could put a picture of biscuits as the photo. I should not write these when I’m hungry.

Injury News

Mike Williams tweaked his hamstring on Friday. Coach Swinney says its not serious. I guess he might play on Saturday but personally I’d prefer to sit him this week if possible and let him get this week and next week off to recuperate for FSU. Hamstrings can be pretty easy to re aggravate (RIP Mackensie Alexander in the National Title game... granted it was his other hamstring but perhaps it was caused by him favoring the previously injured one).

Other than that, seems like Austin Bryant and Adrian Baker are both still questionable to play this weekend. On the one hand you’d like to give them a chance to shake off the rust but on the other hand you don’t want them to suffer any setbacks. Hunter Renfrow is out, as is Jalen Williams.

Player Items

  • Is Ben Boulware a “dirty” player? Yes, I just clickbaited you. Obviously not. Mr. Boulware takes exception to anyone who thinks he might be playing dirty out there. It’s kinda silly, really, other than that Lamar Jackson incident, which might be considered by some to be questionable, has Boulware done anything else out there that would make people think he’s a dirty player? The hit he did on Friday was perfectly clean and legal.
  • Folks, maybe our punting woes are over. I say try him out back there coaches. If he can kick it at least 35-40 yards he’ll be at the Teasdall level. They really should have shown how far it went in the video.