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STS Prediction Contest - Week 6 Results

It’s your Week 6 recap of the STS Prediction Contest. How did participants fare in their weekly prognostications?

Clemson v Boston College
This picture has nothing to do with the prediction contest but I like it.
Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Week 6 dealt with Hurricane Matthew for the most part. There were some verrrry interesting results this week outside of our contest matchups. Stanford got destroyed by Washington State. Oregon got destroyed by Washington. Houston (!!!) was upset by Navy. That’s not good for Louisville’s hopes of sneaking into the playoffs.

It was Fleet Week last week in the Bay Area, so it feels appropriate to have seen Navy score a big win.

Week 5 Matchups

Actual score: 56-10 Clemson

My pick: 31-7 Clemson

Average Clemson Points Prediction (Mean): 35.6

Average BC Points Prediction (Mean): 13.51

The Clemson offense lives! It’s alive! It... still disappears for periods of time! You can’t expect the offense to hum along all the time so scoring 7 offensive touchdowns is pretty good, even if it no-showed during the second quarter.

Defensively Clemson gave up two scores. One on an ultra-short field after a muffed punt by Ray-Ray and one on a short field after a failed onside kick. At least I think it was after the onside kick... thanks ACC from the west coast for scheduling weekday games where the games start at 4:30pm when most of us west coast folks are still at work. Enjoy that east coast “national” exposure, though.

We can feel a better about the Clemson offense after this game. A nice blowout of NC State this week would make me feel even better, though. Let’s see things running very smoothly again before the bye week and then a tough matchup against a (maybe resurgent?) FSU team.

Actual score: Postponed

My pick: 24-21 Florida

Average LSU Points Prediction (Mean): 20.22

Average Florida Points Prediction (Mean): 17.97

I didn’t follow the hurricane stuff all that closely since I live in an area of the country where it rains maybe twice a year. I saw that Miami, UNC, NC State and others all played their games at home despite the big bad hurricane. Georgia and South Carolina played their game at South Carolina one day late. So, I don’t really understand why LSU and Florida couldn’t play their game. They also seem to be pretty reluctant to reschedule it, or at least LSU is.

Am I saying one or both of these teams are too chicken to play one another and risk another loss? Yeah. I am. It worked though, since they both moved up in the rankings after their “bye” week. Whatever, they’re not going to be in the playoffs.

Actual score: 45-38 Texas A&M

My pick: 35-28 Texas A&M

Average Tennessee Points Prediction (Mean): 27.93

Average A&M Points Prediction (Mean): 33.80

You can only live dangerously for so long, Vols. Yet again the Vols went down and yet again they almost came back, but the comeback fell a bit short this week. What a shame. Tennessee didn’t deserve to be undefeated going into this game and they are not undefeated coming out of it.

Actual score: 34-3 VT

My pick: 34-24 UNC

Average VT Points Prediction (Mean): 27.65

Average UNC Points Prediction (Mean): 32.75

Okay, in retrospect, I should have accounted for the fact that it was probably going to be raining a lot during this game which is not a good thing for a team that has a good passing attack. VT was just better than UNC in this game, though. Who’s going to win the Coastal? I don’t know, but they’re not going to be undefeated.

Actual score: 20-19 FSU

My pick: 38-35 FSU

Average FSU Points Prediction (Mean): 30.00

Average Miami Points Prediction (Mean): 29.30

A win is a win? You kinda hate to see a game won on a blocked PAT. I feel a little bad for Miami, but they’re probably comforted by the fact that most of them weren’t at the game to see it lost in such a heart-breaking fashion.

This sets us up for a more interesting matchup in two weeks when Clemson calls on FSU at Tallahassee. Deandre Francois got a bit banged up in this game but came back from receiving medical attention to lead the team to victory. How serious is his injury? SMAGS looked kinda bad during the few minutes that I watched this game but I guess he’s got experience. FSU has still got a pretty good defense despite injury and despite getting smoked by Louisville - probably the second or third best defense we’ll see during the regular season, though with their talent they should really be #1.


Here are the overall top scorers after six weeks:

The Hobo remains in control but has many other participants nipping at his or her heels.

And here are the weekly top scorers for this week:

Congratulations to Bebop Tiger, who had the highest score this week.

The average score this week was 15.87, a significant decrease from last week but understandable since one of the games was postponed.

You can access the full standings and results here.

The results are sorted alphabetically to make it easier for you to find yourself. The tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet will navigate among the overall results and the results for each individual week.

As always, if you notice any scoring errors or have any other comments or questions, please feel free to let me know in the comments.