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Clemson Vanquishes Boston College

By the fingertips... Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Credit to the Clemson fans. They filled the stadium and were louder than BC fans for much of the game. This game was far from perfect, but it was a dominant win on the road. Clemson avoided the letdown after the huge Louisville win on the short week. The second quarter was rough, but that was the only negative spot in the whole game really. Lots of young guys got quality reps and experience.


We gave up 10 points. You can’t be unhappy about that kind of performance. The FG was from a muff and not on the defense. The D only gave up one real score (but many starters were still in the game at that time).

The venerable Brent Venerables was on his game (Mack couldn’t pronounce his name much of the night).

The second quarter was not pretty, however. If not for Scott Pagano repeatedly destroying the BC center, you have a score and Clemson isn’t able to put this away early. BC threw everything at Clemson on those drives and got some yards against the LB’s and Safeties. The achilles heel of this defense will be the ability of the LBs in particular, but also Safeties, to cover in the flats, cover RBs out of the backfield, and keep TEs in check.

BC’s RB Hilliman was a load to bring down and BC’s running backs fell forward much of the night.

Players in the secondary have got to stop tugging on jerseys. You can live with some of it, but Wiggins and others are doing too much of it.


I wasn’t pleased with the sluggish start. The three and out and then the muffed punt by RayRay. You can’t do that against better teams on the road (looking directly at FSU).

But we finally got to see a running game. I don’t care that it was against BC. The offensive line opened some actual rushing lanes and Gallman took advantage with his limited opportunities.

The longest rush and the longest pass of the season.

Loved the cut and long run by Jordan Leggett. I want to see more of this from him. He has this game-breaking capability.

Deshaun Watson didn’t throw an interception. If he can keep up this kind of production against ACC folks without the interceptions, he will creep back into the lead slot for the Heisman if Jackson falters any.

BC’s DE Landry (#7) caused our Tackles problems all night. Jake Fruhmorgan, in particular had a rough outing after having a decent, if not good, game against Louisville. Fruhmorgan got caught lunging far too often, which makes an offensive lineman hunch over and lose their balance/center of gravity. That needs to be fixed for FSU (actually NC State will be another good test because Street and Chubb are good players).

Hate the loss of Anchrum to a high ankle sprain, but at least nothing is physically broken.

Deon Cain (along with Leggett) completely misses a block for Gallman, but then makes two great catches for TDs. We have the 5 star talent, now just need the 5 star consistency. Loved the creativity with the third and one call. An easy pitch and catch for a TD to Cain that breaks tendencies.

We got to see the Feaster burst on full display.

Special Teams

Our punting needs to improve. We must do better than sub 40 yard kicks. Obviously no muffed punts on returns.

I love Skalski, Lamar, Chad Smith, Mullen, DO’D, and Tanner Muse on kickoff coverage. This is what coverage should look like. Don’t you dare throw a Davis twin out there like last year and ruin things...


At the 7:32 mark in the first quarter, BC gets one of the best spots of the game. A third and one play where Dorian O’Daniel wraps up the QB well behind the first down line is spotted as an automatic first down. No measuring. Watching the tape it’s just awful.

The block in the back by Cain on DW’s TD run was the total sum of a couple of fingers softly grazing the rear end of the BC player. Sigh.

Someone help me with this one (1:40 first Q). A BC punt lands on the 41 and is grabbed by a BC player on the 49 yard line. Ball is spotted on the inside of the 44 for Clemson??

At least they got the targeting call right.

I think there should have been a second left on the clock before halftime. I think Cain got down in time and Dabo should have been able to use the timeout with the clock stopping on the first down (I’m still not over how poorly that was managed in the national championship game...).