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Clemson Tigers vs. Syracuse Orange: Basketball Live Gamethread

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

You guys we actually won an ACC game! No, I'm not joking, we beat a solid Florida State team in magical fashion. Now, we get to travel up north to New York to play the vaunted Syracuse Orange. Last time up hear we didn't do so well, but last year we did stun Syracuse at Clemson. I seem to remember enjoying that game a lot.

This one likely won't be as exciting, though Syracuse certainly hasn't played up to expectations this season. The guys over at TNIAAM have been a little, upset with the team's performance on occasion. Syracuse has lost to Pitt and Miami to open ACC play, maybe they can make it 3 straight tonight. Maybe a second win in January will grow our sliver of hope. Or maybe it will get dashed as quickly as it came.

As always, join us below in the live gamethread to comment on the game. After all it is always nice to try and beat Syracuse.