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Clemson Football Podcast: Orange Bowl Recap


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Riding a 37-17 Orange Bowl win, the Clemson Tigers improved to 14-0 and vanquished the naysayers. And for their troubles? They woke up Friday a TD underdog to Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide.

Sun Life Stadium is beginning to look like Clemson's home away from home. In 2 games this year, the Tigers outscored opponents 95-17, and judging by first-hand accounts and limited TV angles on the stands, our blood wasn't the only thing that runneth orange.

With all due respect to the Oklahoma Sooners, this was a bona fide beatdown. Considering the points the Clemson Tigers left on the field in the first half, this one could have been much uglier. The D-line extinguished OU's vaunted running game, and both of their highly touted RBs exited the game with injury. Baker Mayfield proved to be a capable foe in the second half, but his 2 INTs and inability to escape pressure ultimately sealed his team's fate.

And what of the Oklahoma defensive front? Clemson's O-line won the point of attack, enabling efforts from Wayne Gallman and Deshaun Watson that will give Mike Stoops nightmares all offseason. Considering Mitch Hyatt's temporary exit and Tyrone Crowder's turf toe injury, this performance was all the more impressive.

While Alabama likely represents yet-tougher competition for Clemson, we can't help but come away enthusiastic about our chances in light of this whole team performance.

Enjoy our recap, and forthcoming preview show mid-week. 2/3rds of the Pawcast team will be tailgating in the RV lot in Glendale, and you're all welcome to come by and raise a glass to this wonderful season. Keep an eye on Twitter for more details.