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Clemson Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: Basketball Live Gamethread

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After a bit of a break, Clemson basketball is back to break our hearts. As expected, the Tigers dropped a game to Virginia bringing the team's excellent win streak to an end. But even with the loss Clemson has now become a bubble team with ESPN even including the Tigers as one of the last 4 teams in on a recent bracket.

With the hard part of the schedule complete, Clemson will now have to navigate the rest of ACC play with only one easy win against a terrible Boston College team. Almost all of the other games are like Pittsburgh, tough games we could win or lose. If Clemson can win 7-8 of these games they should be in the NCAA tournament. But losing tonight will make it difficult which means we will somehow play frustrating basketball, get close at the end, and then lose.

Naturally we'll then fire off a 3 game win streak to fan the flames of hope.

As always join us below in the gamethread to discuss this one.