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Clemson Tigers vs. Virginia Cavaliers: Basketball Gamethread

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

So Clemson basketball has continued to do a thing. I'm not sure how, but they keep doing a thing. Now we are 2nd in the ACC and are halfway through our terrible difficult early ACC schedule. Now, Clemson heads on the road to play Virginia. A rather angry Virginia that lost this weekend. You do not want angry Virginia, especially when they are undefeated at home

But a win tonight could mean some real hope. So far most of Clemson's success has been found at home, winning on the road is more difficult and would be a sign that we can hope. It just means our hopes will be crushed later this year, but hope is fun for a little while. Maybe we can get into the NIT at least.

As always, join us below in the gamethread to discuss this one as Clemson takes on one of the better teams in the ACC.