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Clemson Tigers vs. Duke Blue Devils: Basketball Live Gamethread

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

You guys, Clemson has a 3 game win streak in basketball. Somehow the Tigers managed to beat Louisville this past weekend, and they stand at 3-1 in the ACC. This is really unprecedented considering it was plausible the Tigers wouldn't win an ACC game in January.

Next up is Duke. The Blue Devils have looked vulnerable this season, but it will still be difficult for Clemson to get a win here. At some point the luck has to end. And as much as we may begin to think and hope about an NIT berth, the truth is this team doesn't seem to have enough talent. At some point we will lose another game. But even if the loss comes tonight, Clemson needs to show improvement. Smarter shots and defensive hustle are the two big things here. By improving Clemson can ensure a chance at victory as the team enters the meatier part of the schedule.

As always join us below in the gamethread to discuss this one.