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Deshaun Watson ties up the National Championship game with this beautiful touchdown pass

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And the scramble to set it up was pretty good too!

Things got off to bad start for Clemson, with Derek Henry bursting through for a 50 yard touchdown run to give Alabama an early 7-0 lead. But thanks to a great kickoff return, Deshaun Watson was able to lead the Tigers to a tying score, topped off with this absolutely beautiful 31 yard touchdown pass to Hunter Renfrow.

The Tigers wouldn't have even had a chance to take a whack at the end zone if it wasn't for a dynamic Watson scramble on 4th 3rd down, changing directions as pressure mounted, to scramble for a six yard gain on 3rd and four. Flush with that confidence, Clemson decided to swing for the fences, and hit paydirt to the freshman.

Don't look now, but we've got a hell of a football game on our hands so far.