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Lee Corso puts on Tiger head, picks Clemson to upset Alabama in National Championship game

See, somebody believes in the Tigers!

You would be forgiven if you forgot that Clemson is actually the undefeated team with one of the best quarterbacks in the country heading into tonight's National Championship matchup with Alabama. The Tigers are a touchdown dog to the Crimson Tide. They've lost 12 games in a row to Alabama, with their last win coming all the way back in 1905. And tonight, multiple personalties, from Urban Meyer to Desmond Howard, are rolling with the Tide.

But not everybody. At least we have Corso!

Sure, his rationale might not be the biggest endorsement, as Corso said he "doesn't do well with common sense" before reaching for the Clemson mascot head, but why not embrace a little bit of chaos? Clemson isn't afraid of anybody, they've played excellent football, and they won't be intimidated when facing Alabama and their cadre of four and five stars. It'll be a battle, but Corso is on to something.