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Clemson Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: Live Gamethread

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

60 minutes. That's all that is left of the entire 2016 season. It's been a fun ride. A lot of highs and a few lows. Tonight is the culmination of those highs. At stake, a national title, It would be Clemson's second. The opponent, Alabama's Crimson Tide, the epitome of a blue blood. Best is the standard, and to be the best this year Clemson has to beat one of the best ever.

Alabama has more talent, but Clemson has executed better against their schedule. Alabama has the Heisman Trophy winner, but Clemson has Deshaun Watson. In our season preview we said that this season rests on Deshaun Watson. His health, his ability to execute, and his ability to lead. He's hit every box, met every standard, and has fulfilled every hope fans have had for him since he committed. Now comes his biggest test. If Clemson wins tonight it will be because of DW4.

Yes, other players are critical. We'll need Wayne Gallman, we'll need Goodson and Boulware, but Watson will make this team go. Watson will give this team their first national title since 1981. If Watson is not performing this team will not win.

As always, join us in the live gamethread for this one.