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Clemson Football Podcast: Wofford Review

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I'm pleased to announce that as part of our football coverage this year we are partnering with Clemson Pawcast, a relatively new podcast covering all things Clemson. As part of this relationship we will be posting their episodes here each week. The plan is to have 2 podcasts up each week. Earlier in the week will see a recap of the previous game and then later in the week we will have a preview of the upcoming game. Below is a little bit more about the show.

The Clemson Pawcast, active since March, is run by 3 Clemson alumni: Ben Welty ('06), Cody Fowler ('10) and Nick Tully ('02), based out in the Bay Area. I know what you're thinking. "We've got Clemson supporters on the West Coast?" We do, and it turns out they're just as into the Tigers as the rest of us.

Why a Clemson podcast?

"We saw the need for a Clemson podcast which offers the fan's point-of-view. While we cover the finer points of what we're seeing on the field, in recruiting, etc. we're focused on keeping things relevant for the Clemson faithful, and those who may not identify as die-hard.

We'll be sharing their twice-weekly podcasts, which recap and preview Clemson's football games. Some episodes will feature appearances by the STS crew and guests from around the ACC. You can subscribe on your preferred podcast platform (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.), and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. More details at

Send your feedback / mailbag questions to, or hit the comments section.