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Clemson Takes On Notre Dame: Pawcast Preview

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Once again we are back with another episode of the Clemson Pawcast. This week the group takes on the task of previewing the Notre Dame game. With GameDay coming to town this one is guarenteed to be a circus. The guys talk about the importance of shutting down Notre Dame's rushing attack as well as what Clemson needs to do to prevent Fuller from gaining many yards.

There is also some talk about how Clemson can finally get their offense on track against a supposedly weak Notre Dame secondary. For all of our concern about how the defense will hold up, Deshaun Watson's ability to complete passes and extend drives will be critical. Maybe we can finally see that deep ball we've been waiting for.

As always you can listen to Clemson Pawcast through the player below, or head to their website. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, just search "Clemson Pawcast" and hit subscriber