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Clemson To Have Special Helmets For Notre Dame Game?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Back in the spring, Clemson offensive analyst Durrell Barry posted a photo of a chrome Clemson helmet. The picture, shown in the Tweet below, caused a bit of a stir with the traditional Clemson design modified slightly and dipped in chrome.

On Tuesday, Barry tweeted out a rather cryptic message

This could very well be a hint that Clemson will be showing off those chrome helmets on Saturday against Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are well known for their shiny gold helmets, but Clemson's design would certainly outshine them.

At this point this is just conjecture, but a Saturday night game on ABC would be a perfect moment for Clemson to debut a special helmet. While many will lament the change to the uniform, this type of move is designed to impress the many recruits that will be in attendance on Saturday.

Thankfully the design appears to be the exact same as the regular helmet, maybe with a slight modification. Obviously the traditional white of the Tiger Paw has been replaced with a chrome silver. I'm not a huge fan of the chrome, but again, it is about the recruits.

At this point nothing has been confirmed by Clemson, and we'll likely have to wait until pregame warm ups to find out if this is just a ploy to tease Clemson fans or an actual factual uniform change.