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Clemson - Notre Dame Game Time Announced; Could GameDay Be Next?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson fans will get their first home night game in 2 weeks after ESPN announced the Clemson - Notre Dame game will kickoff at 8:00 pm EST on ABC. The game, which could feature two teams ranked in the top 10 at kickoff, should be one of the most compelling matchups of the college football season. The Fighting Irish get a nice tune up game against Massachusetts next week and should be 4-0 heading into the Clemson game.

The big question now is what about College GameDay? The only other big game on the Schedule is Alabama - Georgia in Athens. While it would represent an opportunity for the GameDay crew to head to Athens, the program may not want to have their marquee matchup featuring Alabama for the 3rd time in 5 weeks.

This game being on ABC also helps our chances. Even though it isn't guaranteed, GameDay usually ends up being where the 7pm/8pm game on ABC is. Plus it wouldn't be a shock if ESPN wants to try and tap into the large contingent of Notre Dame fans to try and increase GameDay's ratings