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2015 Clemson Football Season Preview: Introduction

Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The theme for this season is simple: In Deshaun We Trust. As much worry as we have about the OL, DL, and everything in between, the success of Clemson rests solely on Deshaun Watson. Hyperbole? Possibly. But after what we saw last year, it isn't far from the truth. A great QB can paper over a lot of cracks. That great QB can even take a very good team and make them special. What we saw over bits and pieces of last season indicates that Watson can do that.

That said, we'd be remiss without mentioning the other talent at Clemson. Players like Mike Williams, Artavis Scott, and Mac are all going to contribute this year. Jayon Kearse may chase another couple of receivers down to save some apparent TDs. Oh and we all know Dabo is going to get excited, though maybe not as excited as we are here.

Once again today is a special day at STS. Today is our football season preview. Much like last year we are covering Clemson from top to bottom in the most comprehensive preview on the internet. We are going to breakdown each position, the rest of the ACC, and offer some expectations and predictions. There may even be a few other surprises for you as well. The whole staff has been working on this for the past month. Thousands of words have been typed on the importance of the Davis Twins, why Ryan Carter is the ONE TRUE HOPE, and a few other bits of information.

Each new article will go out at the top of the hour, the last one over 12 hours from now. I'd apologize for ruining your productivity today, but I bet you weren't going to get anything done on a Monday anyway. It's game week here at STS, enjoy content.