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2015 Clemson Football Season Preview: Popular Opinion

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

While we may be a bit biased and think we provide the most comprehensive preview of the 2015 Clemson Tigers, plenty of other sites have offered their own thoughts. What follows is a list of Clemson previews from fellow SB Nation sites, national media, and a few other interesting previews. I always recommend reading Bill C's piece over at SBN Main, and the folks at From the Rumble Seat and BC Interruption have good takes as well.

ESPN - Once again ESPN seems to be going full steam ahead with Clemson. Unfortunately, they tend to ignore OL losses.

Grantland - An excellent piece from Grantland's Holly Anderson about what Deshaun Watson brings to the table. In Deshaun We Trust.

SI - Though not especially detailed, SI is always worth looking at because of the paragraph or two from an opposing coach.

SB Nation - Bill C's preview hits everything in one go. As usual, it is heavy on the advanced stats, but everything that concerns him will concern those that put more stock in film.

From the Rumble Seat - My favorite part of this preview is their talk about Jayon Kearse. Few, if any, places are talking about him, and it is nice to see at least one other article join the Jayon Kearse Appreciation Society.

Tomahawk Nation - Our Atlantic rivals are highlighting the importance of Deshaun Watson. After what he did against them last year, they have every right to be concerned.

Card Chronicle - Our favorite friends from Louisville seem a bit bullish on their chances to pull out the victory. Hopefully we can get out to an early lead.

BC Interruption - An excellent look from our BC friends, though their thoughts on Dabo are certainly a bit different than ours.

Troy Nunes - *Insert obligatory crude remark about Syracuse here.*

State of the U - May we be able to replicate our 2009 game against Miami, preferably without OT.

One Foot Down - This is just a fantastic, top-level view, great to share with any non-Clemson folks that need some education.