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Our Entirely Subjective 2015 Preseason ACC All Name Team

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

A brief disclaimer: This list is entirely subjective, and it it quite possible I have missed a few obvious candidates. For example, there is a long debate to be had at defensive end and linebacker. Preference was given to players who are currently listed on top of the depth chart at their position but sometimes (as with quarterback) some reaches had to be made with backups. All of this is for fun anyways, if you think someone should be on here just post them in the comments

Your ACC All Name Picks

Your ACC All Name Picks (Image based on images from and

Personal winners probably have to be Corn Elder in Miami and Finesse Middleton at Louisville. I'd like to say that I have a reason why, but I don't. Probably just because I want to see an announcer say, "Corn Elder with the tackle on that play." I'll also give some money to an announcer that comes up with a clever way to use Rook-Chungong, especially because Roderick plays for Georgia Tech.

And no, this is not our official All-ACC team. We're picking that team out of a hat tomorrow.