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Howard's Rock Hat: The Newest Clemson Tradition

2 Clemson fans have incorporated Clemson's most famous tradition into a new way for Tiger fans to show their Solid Orange pride.

For years, fans of the Green Bay Packers have shown their loyalty by donning large foam hats made to look like a wedge of cheese. To an outsider, it may look odd. But for Packers' fans, it's part of their game day tradition. Now, Clemson fans have an opportunity to show the same pride in an unique way. Clemson graduates Colin and Jack, who met freshman year in Cope Hall, have created the Howard's Rock Hat. In 2013, Jack posed the question "If Clemson had a hat, what hat would it wear?". This led to some discussion, and the inspiration of Green Bay's Cheese Heads led to this creation. While watching the 2013 Clemson-South Carolina game, Jack stated how family members would rub a fans bald head before big plays as if it were the famed Rock in Death Valley. After a scrapped attempt to create a clay prototype, the hat was developed in Clemson by Colin that Spring. The duo wanted to debut the hat for fans during the 2014 season, but due to the licensing process, the product could not be sold in time for the season. So now, beginning Monday August 17, Clemson fans can now purchase their very own Howard's Rock Hat in time for the 2015 football season. The hat's will be sold at for $29.99. For the price of $174.99, fans can purchase a hat and a wooden replica of the stand that holds Howard's Rock in Death Valley.

The hat is the perfect item for fans to wear or to keep in their home or office as a good luck item and a "pick me up." The hat is made from high quality foam, and guaranteed to turn some heads this fall. The creators have talked with the creator of the Green Bay Cheese Head, and he stated that at first fans weren't sure what he was selling and that it took a few games to catch on. The duo are hoping that the Clemson faithful will embrace this hat just as the Cheese Head is embraced in Green Bay and that this hat will become a national signal of Clemson fandom.