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TBT: Clemson Unsung Heroes volume 2: David Dunham

Looking back at the heat seeking missile that was David Dunham.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

When you hear the name David Dunham, most fans immediately think about this moment...

Yes, #31 would take your head off for certain.  Dunham's career didn't have a lot of tackles and he wasn't All-ACC during his time in Tigertown, but he had some very memorable moments and certainly qualifies as an unsung hero.  Dunham struggled some with lateral quickness which limited his time on the field as a linebacker in Vic Koenning's matchup zone scheme, but he proved to be an absolute beast on special teams and made his mark at linebacker more than once.

When the Tigers struggled with kick coverage a couple of years ago, I longed for the staff to find another guy like Dunham who would race down the field like a crazy man and deliver some game changing punishment.  Just ask Cory Boyd of USCjr about that!  Clemson's kick coverage became a real strength while Dunham was on the squad.

He also had a big moment in the landmark 2003 victory over Florida State.  FSU's Chris Rix felt the full brunt of Dunham's wrath and promptly fumbled the ball, helping the Tigers shut down the Seminole offense.  Guys like Dunham are an essential part of a successful football team even if they don't warrant 5 stars or play heavy snaps.

Hopefully a guy like #31 will emerge on this year's team to deliver the punishment on kick coverage and be an unsung hero of the 2015 Clemson Tigers.