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The Ultimate Clemson Tradition Bracket

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

We are a little over 8 weeks from the return of college football. Until then we have decided to fill time by creating the ultimate Clemson Tradition Bracket. The top 16 Clemson traditions will be seeded into a single elimination style bracket.

But before we start voting, it is time to open up the floor for nominations. The number of times a tradition is nominated will play a part in how it is seeded. No matter how obvious it may seem, mention it in the comments, rec a post that mentions the tradition, or get our attention some other way. Feel free to mention multiple traditions as well. Traditions don't have to be limited to sports either. Things like the Clemson Ring or other school wide traditions are fair game here.

At the end of this week we will take all the nominations, plus any we come up with, and create a bracket. Voting will start next week with individual posts for each matchup. Winners advance to the next round, and by the end of the month we hope to crown a best Clemson tradition. It might be a powerhouse like Howard's Rock, or maybe it is a more sentimental one for students like camping out for tickets or the Clemson Ring.