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Fitting in with ACC fans

Some of you may get the opportunity to experience game day at a school you've never been to this season, so here is your guide to blending in around the ACC.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

*This article is intended to be funny and is based off of stereotypes that may or may not be true.*

Boston College: Wear one of those yellow "Eagles Superfan" t-shirts they give to all of the students. Pair it with jeans, the hat of a Boston pro sports teams, and probably some type of coat or sweatshirt because it gets cold. Generally, show no interest in BC sports like the entire city of Boston. Talk about the next day's Patriots game and proceed to check your fantasy football updates. My assumption is BC tailgating involves a lot of chowder and Sam Adams, and I'd be sadly disappointed to find out otherwise.

Clemson: You thought we'd be exempt from this article? WRONG! Wear as much orange as humanly possible. Seriously, if you have to ask yourself "do I have enough orange on?" then no, you do not have enough orange on. If you don't want to wear enough orange to be seen from space, wearing an orange polo and khaki shorts or pants is always a solid look that tends to be popular among fans of all ages and backgrounds.

As for drinks? If you're a student, there is one answer: BUSCH LIGHT. Typically you can find cases (24 packs for those who aren't aware) from $9.99-$13.99, so don't be shocked to see students loading up the bed of their truck with cases from BI-LO during the season. If you don't like Busch Light, well then that's your problem. Another popular beer is the special edition orange cans of Bud Light, because if you're selling something in Clemson, you'll sell three times as much if you offer it in orange. When talking to other fans, discussing Danny Ford, hunting, fishing, and how great Deshaun Watson is should have you fitting in very quickly. And, when in doubt, start the Cadence Count.

Duke: Football in Durham has slowly begun its climb to the peak popularity it experienced during the 1942 Rose Bowl. If you want to fit in at Duke, wear one of the following t-shirts: the Cameron Crazies shirt, some kind of Duke basketball shirt, or a shirt that states what you are majoring in at Duke so you can brag about how much better of an education you are getting than the rest of us peasants. Also wearing a Duke basketball jersey shows a ton of school spirit. Why sure, we're at a football game, but the key to being a Duke fan is showing that you are supporting your football team while counting down the days until Midnight Madness. At tailgates, talk with other fans about basketball, studying, or really anything not football related. Feel free to leave the game early to get a head start on studying.

Florida State: Makes sure your outfit has at least the same number of Nike swooshes on it as it does Seminole logos. Your best bet is some kind of Nike tee with a team slogan like "UNCONQUERED" in large, obnoxious print. Pair this with a Nike snap back, because you need to show your swag. Make sure you also have a smart phone with Twitter access so you can join in with #FSUTwitter by attacking sports analyst who dared to think that FSU wasn't the greatest team in existence. Chug Natty Light and proceed to do the War Chant 11,000 times.

Georgia Tech: Gold GT shirt, shorts, and at least one textbook. Sit in the student section and proceed to study between plays. Make sure others know that you made a huge sacrifice by actually coming to the game because football Saturdays are the best days to go to the computer lab. After the game is over (or during the game), head to the library for a long night of physics. If you lose, remind the other team how much harder it is to go to GT and how you'll be their boss some day.

Louisville: I don't know much about Louisville other than horse racing, basketball and bourbon, so I'll go with the latter. Drink bourbon. Wear red. Be friendly. Eat Papa John's and KFC. Hate Kentucky fans. Seems easy to me.

Miami: Dress like an empty seat.

UNC: Wear an argyle sweater vest and some pleated khakis. Sip a fine wine while snacking on some brie and crackers. Generally have a look of disdain toward those peasants from the other school. You may be bothered to go in the game for a brief moment because you told your dear friends that you would meet them there, but make sure not to stay too long because your dear lady friend is perspiring more than the cheese, and we can't have that.

NC State: Wear red. Jeans and an NC State polo should suffice, with an old dirty 'Pack cap to top it off. Drink, party, enjoy, but most of all, hate UNC. If there's a lull in the conversation, make fun of how their players don't go to class. Talk about how soft they are. Assure everyone that NC State is just as good of a school.

Notre Dame: Technically not an ACC football school, but whatever. Wear a Notre Dame jersey. You don't really need to know about the history of the school but you darn well better be able to spout off historical facts about the football team on a moments notice. Drink Guinness. Yes, I know that it isn't the best day drinking beer in September, but DRINK IT! In the stadium, however, don't be boisterous. Many of their older fans don't care for that nonsense. Football is serious. Having fun is not allowed in South Bend.

Pitt: Wear Steelers gear. Tailgate in the parking lot, but don't show up to the game unless it's against West Virginia. Even if they're not playing West Virginia, talk about how much you hate West Virginia.

Syracuse: You'll need some cold weather gear for tailgating, but be sure to dress in layers because the Carrier Dome is SO SWELTERING HOT!!! Jingle your keys, curse, and return to looking forward to basketball season.

Virginia: Dress like the Vineyard Vines whale threw up on you. This is a social event more than anything, so look your best. Drink wine coolers, because Zima has been discontinued. Discuss Thomas Jefferson. Actually, discuss your admiration for Thomas Jefferson. Also feel free to leave the game early or not even go. No one cares.

Virginia Tech: Break out your Carharts and boots. Pair them with you finest VT jersey or t shirt and get to drinking on that Keystone Light. Make sure to start the "Let's Go Hokies!" chant at least 30 times before kickoff. When in doubt, bring up Beamer Ball, and specifically, how it ain't been what it used to be, but Bud's got the boys turned around and this is VT's year!

Wake Forest: Wear one of those tie die t-shirts and just hope that the game doesn't turn into a blood bath. If it gets bad, remember the 2006 ACC Championship season.