Spurrier talks Clemson and Deshaun Watson at impromptu press conference


Being a Clemson fan, I know I am easily considered biased on this subject, but Steve Spurrier's press conference today made no sense. He called it in order to call out the media for criticizing South Carolina, and quell rumors that he will retire soon. But instead he made himself seem unorganized, senile, and thin-skinned. He essentially told everyone the media is under his skin and he can't really handle it anymore. He was trying to nip talk of him being too old and retiring soon in the bud, but if anything I think it'll increase that talk and push him closer to retirement.

I want Spurrier to stay, I really do, he's pushed the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry to new heights and made South Carolina a legitimate team, but after seeing that press conference I'm really starting to think that last season was the beginning of the end for his coaching career.