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Updated: Clemson Kicker Ammon Lakip Arrested and Suspended by Clemson

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Clemson kicker Ammon Lakip was arrested earlier this month and charged with cocaine possession as well as Driving Under the Influence. This was the first time Ammon was arrested though the charges are rather serious. Lakip, a redshirt senior, is Clemson's starting kicker and this arrest could cause some real problems for Clemson's already lackluster special teams.

Clemson has yet to comment on Lakip's arrest or state what type of punishment will be in store for the kicker, but it is likely to be a few weeks before we hear anything. Assuming Dabo decides to keep Lakip on the team, he will likely allow the legal process to play out before deciding on any punishment, though that will likely include some sort of suspension.

As much as fans have complained about Lakip during the 2014 season, any suspension or dismissal would really hurt Clemson. Dabo would likely turn to redshirt freshman Alex Spence or redshirt freshman Christian Groomes for kicking duties while Lakip is out. Both kickers have zero experience at the college level, and it could be a large proposition for them to replace Lakip. The former soccer player was 21-28 on fied goals and 43-44 on extra points last year and it could have been worse after that rather ugly FSU game.

Update: Clemson has announced that Lakip has been suspended indefinitely and that his status with the team will be evaluated at the end of the summer. They will likely let the legal process play out, give Lakip some time to reflect, and then sit down with him to determine if he will even be on the team this fall.