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Surviving Summer Saturdays: We're down to 11

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

We've got a long way to go (courtesy: )

We've got a long way to go (courtesy:

Ladies and Gentleman, we've made it, we're now week closer. Unfortunately, this week also saw the end of both live basketball and hockey. Time giveth and time taketh away. What this means is amongst the major sports we're down to baseball and soccer. This is the long, dark winter (metaphorically) of the football offseason. Eleven weeks to go, I hope you're ready. We here at STS are going to offer five things to do today instead of, you know, productive things. Because it's Saturday for God's sake.

Option One: Get yourself educated about football. SBNation's Bill Connelly is doing his annual death march preview of every FBS team, and it's currently the ACC's turn. As of the writing (Thursday) Clemson has yet to be previewed, but most teams on our schedule have. Here are links to the ACC, as well as half of our non-conference opponents. I'd apologize for assigning homework, but you need football as badly as I do if you're reading this and it's the best we can get.

Option Two: Man, I hope you like baseball. The Dodgers will be playing the Giants in a very important NL West matchup, with one of the best teams in baseball right now playing the reigning champions at 3:15 PM ET. Alternately, just read about how the St. Louis Cardinals got investigated by the FBI. That's a thing that happened. 2015 is weird, even for the best fans in baseball.

Option Three: The Women's World Cup is going on now, with the USA having advanced out of the group of death and into the Round of 16. Unfortunately, the USWNT once again does not play Saturday, leaving Germany vs. (Team Germany will be favored to beat) at 6 PM ET and Cameroon vs. China at 7:30 PM ET. In Men's international play the Copa America has started, and oh is Paraguay vs. Uruguay going to be fun at 3 PM ET. South American soccer is insane. Watch it.

Option Four: Make a Twitter account (follow STS). There are few easier ways to kill an hour or two than messing around on twitter. It's basically the internet's sports bar/weird comedy club. Find a Twitter client that allows muting. Once you have said client (I use tweetbot for example) mute untappd. Untappd is a twitter app that exists solely so people can share what beer they are drinking. It is the worst of the narcissistic oversharing that people clown Twitter for. It's a top 5 blight on a pretty fun website. Man,I hate untappd.

Option Five: If you like bizarre free comics I encourage you to check out DrMcninja, a doctor/ninja who mostly just does ninja stuff. It's exactly as great and absurd as it sounds. New comics drop MWF and there is a backlog of years worth of content to dig through. Things do work pretty much chronologically so I have to recommend starting with the first comic. Enjoy, and good luck making it through this Saturday.