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Let's point and laugh at some of our rivals

This nifty little website ranks how long it's been since a team has been ranked in an AP poll. We're going to have some fun at our rivals expense since Clemson finished the season ranked.

Syracuse good LORD

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Let's dig into what we see here. First off, Syracuse, good LORD. A big bright spot of that team is the punter, so I'm going to assume this streak won't be broken this year. Boston College was ranked in the top five more recently than you were ranked, period. Assuming somewhere around 14 polls a year this means Syracuse has barely managed to be ranked this millennium.

Wake Forest and Boston College are both bad, and that makes sense. Wake Forest is so bad they also are trying to get a punter nominated for Heisman. Quality blogging is coming from all this pain at least. That BC and Wake are equally bad is kind of surprising, but 2007 was a weird year and that was when they were both ranked last. Pittsburgh surprises me because it seems like a team that should have snagged a spot somewhere around #23 for not one single good reason recently. Virginia has been Virginia, let's all move on and accept we're better for not thinking about it.

Oh, boy, Miami, that Al Golden thing hasn't gone well. People clown them for having more draft picks than wins. I don't think we've dug into that enough. The Canes presumably had NFL talent the last two years (though, I guess based on the 2014 draft it was young NFL caliber talent) and have barely managed to be ranked. Finally, Duke is the 5th best team in the conference based on the AP Poll.