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Randy Mazey - Clemson Baseball Coaching Candidates

Former Clemson player and assistant Randy Mazey could be an interesting option for Clemson baseball.

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Randy Mazey has been the Head Coach of West Virginia since 2013, where, in his first season, he coached the Mountaineers to a 33-26 overall record and finished third in the Big 12. He has led the Mountaineers to two straight winning seasons, despite being a newcomer in the extremely tough Big 12. He also led the Mountaineers to the Big 12 Championship this season before losing to the Oklahoma Sooners.

Mazey, the former Tiger baseball pitcher, outfielder, and graduate, got his coaching career start as an assistant at Clemson under legendary Coach Bill Wilhelm in 1990-1993, a time in which he worked with fellow assistant coach Jack Leggett. In 1994, the two assistants went separate ways as Leggett replaced Wilhelm as the Head Coach at Clemson and Mazey took the Head Coaching job at Charleston Southern.

In three seasons as the Charleston Southern Head Coach, he led the Buccaneers to an overall record of 66-94 and a 39-33 conference record. However, his third season at Charleston Southern, he had a winning record of 30-24 overall and 17-4 (1st) in the Big South Conference, which led the Buccaneers to a NCAA Regional appearance, in which they traveled to Clemson to take on Leggett and company.

After his time at Charleston Southern, he accepted assistant jobs at Georgia, East Carolina, and Tennessee from the years 1997-2002. In 2003, he was hired as the Head Coach of East Carolina University, where he stayed until 2005. During his three year tenure at East Carolina, he led the Pirates to two NCAA Regional Appearances and one NCAA Super Regional, in which they won the Conference USA Championship. Mazey then accepted an assistant job at Texas Christian University, where he stayed for six years before taking the Head Coaching job at West Virginia.

One of the major concerns for the Clemson baseball program is the inconsistent fielding. Additionally, many believe there has been a lack of premier recruiting the past few years. Mazey may be able to fix both of these concerns. He led the Mountaineers to a top-15 overall fielding percentage in 2014, and one of the biggest upsides to hiring Randy Mazey is his recruiting skills. Mazey is 49 years old, and has had over two decades of baseball coaching experience. That experience, will attract recruits from around the state of South Carolina and throughout the nation as they see his young, energetic personality and his many years of coaching experience. As a alumnus, he should be able to build on the foundation he helped build with Bill Wilhelm, relate to prospects in a personal way, and help transform the Clemson baseball program from inside-out.