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Cole Stoudt and Corey Crawford Highlight Clemson Undrafted Free Agents

After a draft that saw Vic Beasley and Stephone Anthony go in the first round, 9 Clemson players signed free agent contracts to give Clemson an astounding 14 players playing professional football from this group.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Stoudt: After salvaging an ugly senior season with an excellent win over Oklahoma, Stoudt will be heading to California, signing a contract with the San Diego Chargers. Obviously Philip Rivers is the starter, but behind him Kellen Clemens and Brad Sorensen don't exactly light things on fire. Stoudt will get a chance to compete while finally healthy, and it will be interesting to see how he does. Hopefully we see more of the Athletic Bowl Cole Stoudt rather than the Georgia Tech version.

Gary Peters: Like two of his defensive teammates, Peters is staying local by signing with the Carolina Panthers. Peters had a very good 2014 season and if he continues to improve may be able to earn a roster spot in Carolina. The Panthers have been enough of a tire fire that any warm body is going to get a fair shot.

Robert Smith: With an extremely productive 2014 season, Smith has parlayed his performance into a contract with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts saw enough from him that they decided to bring him into camp and see what happens. With Andrew Luck leading the offense, solidifying the defense is one of several concerns for the Colts.

Corey Crawford: Yet another member of Clemson's stout defensive line has a professional contract. Crawford will be heading to D.C. to play for the Washington Professional Football Team. It was a bit of a surprise that Crawford didn't get drafted, but hopefully he can do enough to earn a roster spot in camp.

Josh Watson: The NFL really likes Clemson's DL. Watson will be heading to Denver after the Broncos signed defensive tackle to a free agent contract. While Watson may not have had the name recognition of Beasley or Jarrett, he was another important part of Clemson's dominant defensive line.

Deshawn Williams: The Cincinnati Bengals have decided to pick up Williams and see if his college play can translate to the NFL. Williams was another key contributor on Clemson's defensive line this year and the unit's excellent play earned WIlliams an opportunity to compete for a roster spot. With Andy Dalton at QB and several years of playoff frustration, the pressure is on the Bengals to improve the talent on the team to make a Super Bowl run.

Kalon Davis: Yes, we have an offensive lineman from the 2014 Clemson Tigers playing professional football. Davis was signed by the Denver Broncos on Saturday. This is a rather interesting decision, obviously he may be cut in camp, but given the importance of keeping Peyton Manning upright I would think the Broncos would have gone with some other candidates despite Davis being one of the better Clemson OLs this season.

Adam Humphries: Even Humphries is getting a contract, the Clemson receiver is gong to be joining a certain Jameis Winston down in Tampa Bay. Humphries took advantage of Charon Peake's injury and poor recovery to have a solid senior season. The South Carolina native will get an opportunity to become a dependable if unspectacular target for Winston as the Tampa Bay Bucs attempt to become competent.

Tavaris Barnes: Stephone Anthony will have yet another Clemson Tiger in New Orleans after Tavaris Barnes signed a free agent contract with the 2009 Super Bowl Champs. The Saints defense has been terrible for the past couple of years and Barnes will get an excellent look by Sean Payton and the rest of the Saints' coaching staff. Barnes will be joining fellow rookie Anthony in camp along with C.J. Spiller who joined the team this year during free agency.

Martin Jenkins: The plucky 5'9" cornerback signed with the New York Jets. He was often injured during his time at Clemson so much like Cole Stoudt, it's hard to put a finger on how good he truly is when healthy. Hopefully, a healthy Jenkins can stick in the NFL.