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Ebenezer Ogundeko Dismissed

DE Ebenezer Ogundeko has been dismissed from Clemson for a violation of team rules.

Wait come back guys; we need y'all
Wait come back guys; we need y'all
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Update: According to Steven Bradley, Ogundeko was arrested by the Clemson PD today and charged with financial transaction card fraud.


WELP. Dabo Swinney has dismissed redshirt sophomore defensive end Ebenezer Ogundeko from the team for a violation of team rules. This is pretty bad news. Ogundeko was expected to be an important contributor to an already thin positional group this fall. His dismissal leaves Clemson with 10 defensive ends: Martin Aiken, Shaq Lawson, Kevin Dodd, Dane Rogers, Richard Yeargin, Chris Register, LaSamuel Davis, Clellin Ferrell, Austin Bryant and Albert Huggins.

QT is correct. We basically have no depth at defensive end right now, partially due to recruiting fails (looking at you 2013 recruiting class.) The dismissal of a guy who played less than 50 snaps (if that) shouldn't be this big of a deal. Unfortunately it is and now I'm really worried about our defense for the upcoming season. The toughest part could be that back to back stretch of Notre Dame and Georgia Tech. This is going to put a lot of pressure on the linebackers and the secondary. At least we are in year Four of Brent Venables. This lack of depth is going to test his coaching and play calling abilities tremendously.

Ogundeko redshirted in 2013, and played in 7 games last season. Hopefully he can get his life figured out and turned around.