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NCAA Basketball National Championship Gamethread

Duke of the ACC will face B1G Champions, Wisconsin tonight at 9:18 on CBS.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After knocking off Kentucky, the Wisconsin Badgers have another villain to slay - the Duke Blue Devils. The Devils are so reviled that when I lived in North Carolina, I would only hear adults admit to being Duke fans in private or in hushed tones. The Devils have more than made up for last year's Mercer debacle with a run to the title game, and have made the ACC over a million dollars with each tournament win thus far, so we appreciate that. The conference does not get a direct pay-out for a title game win, so feel free to cheer for whoever your prefer with no conference shackles to bear.

It's also Opening Day for most MLB baseball teams. Spring is here and one of the best sports days of the year is upon us. Feel free to join us in the comments below and vote in our poll.