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2015 NFL Draft: Atlanta Falcons Draft Vic Beasley with 8th Pick

With the 8th pick in the draft the Atlanta Falcons have selected Clemson's own Vic Beasley.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

As we expected, Clemson's career sack leader was drafted 8th overall in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons.

Beasley fits in very well with Dan Quinn's defensive scheme. Beasley compares somewhat favorably to Bruce Irvin, a college defensive end with some size concerns. However, Beasley has much better technique than Irvin. Irvin was lined up all over the front seven and was an incredibly disruptive player coming off the edge. Quinn's defense is technically a 4-3 under, but the weakside end is referred to as the LEO backer. The LEO backer is the main pass rusher on the defense and can rush with his hands in the dirt or standing up.

SBNation's very own Stephen White declared Beasley this draft's best pass rusher, saying that he is the most polished and most athletically gifted. (Seriously, go read that scouting report.) He thinks that Beasley could also get double-digit sacks as a rookie. My one concern with Beasley is his ability to anchor against the run. He's a strong guy but a bit on the smaller side. We'll see if he can keep the good weight he put on for combine during the season, and if he can add more when he gets to an NFL training program. Despite that small concern, it will be pretty exciting to see how a dominating and athletic defensive player makes the transition to the NFL.

Vic was extremely productive during his senior season with 3 multi-sack games. He had 2 forced fumbles and finished the season with 34 total tackles, 28 of which were solo tackles and 12 of which were sacks. He was the flashy part of the best defense in college football last year and should contribute in the NFL.