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Clemson Football Recruiting: Brian Dawkins Jr. Commits To Clemson

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Clemson University will see another Dawkins on campus starting in 2016. The son of legendary DB Brian Dawkins, Brian Dawkins, Jr. has committed to Clemson University after deciding to spend a year in prep school. Dawkins, Jr is listed at 5'9" by 247, but several other outlets including ESPN list him as 5'7" which is what his height seems to be when you see him on film.

He is rated as a 2-star on the 247 composite and does not have any listed offers from other FBS schools.

There is no arguing this is a 5-heart Dabo offer. Dawkins, Jr. had ZERO offers from other FBS teams on record. He is too short to be an effective cornerback and isn't athletic enough to move to another position. The offer was made solely because of who his dad is.

Now this wouldn't be a problem if this was one of maybe two 5-heart guys we would have on the team. In fact this is the perfect type of offer to build PR around the program and make outsiders understand how important family is at Clemson. Using scholarships on 1-2 players that aren't going to contribute isn't extremely harmful. Even the FSU's and Alabama's of the world do this.

The problem though, is that Dawkins, Jr. gives Clemson at least five 5-hearts, 6 if you count Ryan Carter though he was offered more as part of a package than as a nepotism guy. Plus Carter is at least going to contribute, something the other guys are unlikely to do. In 2016 Clemson will have the J.D. Davis, Judah Davis, Amir Trapp, D.J. Greenlee, and Brian Dawkins, Jr. on scholarship. That is 5 scholarships that could go to increasing our OL from 13 scholarships up to 15-16. Maybe an extra DL that can provide us with some more quality depth. Instead we are stuck with a self-imposed 5 scholarship penalty.