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Clemson Football Participation: Quarterbacks

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Once again we are returning to an annual series by taking a look at the snap totals for Clemson football. We've broken down each position by snap totals based on players and class. All of the snap data can be found on the Clemson website in this handy little game notes pdf. A quick reminder that all of this data is only for snaps on offense or defense. It does not account for any snaps played on special teams. Today we are going to take a look at the quarterbacks.

Name Snaps Redshirt Year
David Olson 15 Yes Grad
Nick Schuessler 38 Yes Sophomore
Cole Sotudt 624 No Senior
Deshaun Watson 330 No Freshman
Austin McCaskill 0 Yes Junior

There are no real surprises here, Cole Stoudt took the most snaps this season because he was healthy the longest. Had Deshaun Watson remained healthy it is likely he would have taken 900 plus snaps this year.


I wanted to include this chart just for kicks. If we didn't know any better this might be the perfect breakdown of classes at the QB position this year. The senior getting the majority of the snaps with the backup coming in during garbage time to get some playing experience to set up an excellent 2015 season. Of course once you actually look at the play of everyone involved it becomes more of a "what if?" scenario than anything.In 2015 we will definitely be a young team at QB with Nick Schuessler the oldest player as a junior.

Check back over the coming weeks as we cover each position's participation numbers.