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Patrick Rooks Announces He Will Transfer From Clemson

Clemson redshirt-freshman guard Patrick Rooks announced that he will transfer from the school.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Per his Instagram account, Clemson redshirt-freshman guard Patrick Rooks has announced that he is transferring.

This is not particularly surprising, as Rooks' minutes were very limited in his first season as a participating member of the Clemson basketball team. I don't want to say it was expected, but let's just say most of us believed it was inevitable. It's hard to identify why his minutes were so few, as we never really heard much explanation from Brownell, and I don't recall media members prompting a discussion of it. Nagging injury or defensive struggles are possible explanations. It's disconcerting that perhaps Clemson's best three-point shooter is leaving the program, but if he was never going to play then it is what it is.

This will open up an additional scholarship for Clemson to potentially sign another player for its 2015 class, explore incoming transfers or save the scholarship for another class.