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Brad Brownell Season Wrap Interview

Brad Brownell discussed next year's plan for the point guard position, basketball recruiting, the Notre Dame loss, and new facilities in his season wrap interview.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Brownell noted that Avry Holmes is currently positioned to play the point guard position next year and said:

"He's (Avry Holmes) more inclined to score and a better shooter."

"He's not as steady (as Hall)."

"Certainly he'll (Holmes) have a great chance to play a lot of minutes for us."

"He's (Rod Hall) not as fast so it probably hurt us in not getting a few easy baskets occasionally."

He talked a bit about recruiting, noting that they're starting to recruit better, and spoke about the negative turning point in Clemson's season.

"I think our recruiting over the last two or so years has been even better than we get credit for."

"The air kinda went out when we lost to Notre Dame, a little bit. That was the win. If we got that win, there was a lot of talk with the players here. If you win that game you're going to have a chance to make the NCAA tournament."

Finally, he spoke about the new renovations and said current facilities are "OK."

"There's something new and different for them (football players), well there hasn't been anything new for me. More than me there hasn't been anything new for my players. Pretty soon, after a while that's hard on your players. That's what's going to be exciting about it. The guys on the team will feel good about being Clemson basketball players."

What do you think about his comments?