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Selection Sunday Open Thread and March Madness Pool

Sports oblivion is over! Let the madness begin!

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

From the end of the Super Bowl until the NCAAM conference tournaments, we have sports oblivion. There's no football. Clemson basketball is generally fading out of the NCAA tournament hunt, Clemson baseball often struggles early, and we're still itching for Major League Baseball to get rolling.

This is always the weekend things start to heat up again. We saw Notre Dame's three point barrage (10-20) push them over the top against the Heels and give them their first ACC tournament championship. At 6pm Sunday, we have the selection show where we'll learn who got the #1 seeds, (will Duke jump UVA despite finishing below them in the league?) and who got left out.

Please use this post as your thread to discuss Selection Sunday.

Once again, STS will have a community March Madness Pool. SB Nation has partnered with Real Time Brackets so we'll be using their site. To be completely honest, I was a bit miffed when told I should use them instead of Yahoo, which I've always used, but after reading this tidbit about how their brackets work, you can color me intrigued. Clemson won't be included in the field, but this will keep it fun throughout the entire tournament, and ensure nobody has to bow out early.

Our group is called "Shakin the Southland 2015" and you should be able to join here. Please post in the comments if you have any trouble getting in. Also, if you gripe enough, maybe we can convince Brian to buy one of those schnazzy Shakin the Southland t-shirts for the pool winner.

Note: I have selected the "Casual/Intermediate" setting so you can change your picks between changes, but not mid-game.