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2015 National Signing Day: Clemson Finishes Off Record Class.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

While most of today's excitement for Clemson is likely to center around a trio of 2016 commits, Clemson officially has one of the best classes in memory for 2015. Despite some late "news" or Twitter nonsense made up by people trying to cause trouble if you prefer, all of Clemson's committed recruits signed letter of intents today.

The Tigers already had 14 early enrollees on campus, an almost unheard of number, and they followed it up with another 11 players joining in the summer. Amir Trapp will greyshirt and will not join the team until next January.

To give an idea of just how good this class is, it is current ranked 3rd according to ESPN, 7th on 247, and 4th on Rivals. According to ESPN, only Alabama and FSU have better classes, when you are being listed in the same company as those schools, things are going pretty well.

Clemson's class includes 3 5-star recruits and 9 4-star commits, all of which should contribute at Clemson within the next two years. Perhaps most important of those recruits is the 4 OL taken by the coaching staff. We've harped on our OL numbers for years here, and it appears like Clemson has finally made a strategic decision to take more lineman, at least if our 2016 plans continue to bear fruit.

It will also be nice to finally have a quality tight end at Clemson. Garrett Williams may be one of the more unheralded recruits, but he goes right up there with the OL as the most important additions to this class. These are the recruits that can really make the difference at Clemson.

Of course we would be remiss if we didn't mention the Davis twins, it is really the only disappointing spot in this class. Two scholarships that we could have used on a DE or another CB. Instead we have two LBs that aren't likely to contribute during their four years at Clemson. Or if they do contribute, it will likely be at a level that is easily replaceable.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go celebrate for a bit, we'll have some more recruiting coverage for you over the coming days.