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National Signing Day 2015: Clemson Attempts To Secure Top 5 Class

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After several National Signing Days where Clemson fans were eagerly awaiting the decision of several top prospects, this year will hopefully be a bit calmer. Clemson's class is complete in theory, though some late visits by Ray-Ray McCloud and Deon Cain have sent a lot of Clemson fans into panic mode. We expect both players to sign their letter of intents today, but until the school announces it you can never be too cautious.

Clemson's class is about 50% officially with 14 of the expected 25 recruits enrolling early. The best part of this is that the early enrolles include OL Mitch Hyatt, Noah Green, and  Jake Fruhmorgen. Given our lack of talent on the OL, any chance for these guys to get some additional coaching is a good thing, especially if it means they get to play this fall.

Final QT Comments:

We should all be celebrating at least three 2016 commits today. All very good players--with these additions our 2016 class is already better than most of the 2015 ACC classes.

Denzel Johnson of AC Flora isn't going to sign anywhere and wait for test results to come in. We have a grayshirt offer on the table right now and he will weight that against offers from places like UMass. Brian Dawkins Jr. could be headed the prep school route instead of taking a grayshirt this year. That could have changed by now but it is the last I heard.

We stayed on Zach Bailey until the end. Coaches even had an in-home visit a couple of weeks back. This was all about USCjr's line coach and fellow commit Christian Pellage staying with the coots. If Pellage had jumped to Florida then Bailey might have decided to abandon the sinking ship. This was always going to be a tough sell though once he committed.

McCloud and Cain to Clemson as of 2 AM Feb 4th.

SB Nation is also putting on a live recruiting show today at 1pm EST and 5pm EST, our own QuackingTiger will be on around 1:45pm EST.

Join us in the comments to talk about all things Clemson recruiting and National Signing Day as we