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National Signing Day 2015: Davis Twins Sign With Clemson

Student Sports

In an absolutely shocking development, J.D. and Judah Davis have signed letters of intent to play at Clemson. The Davis brothers both play LB and come to Clemson from near by Daniel High School. The brothers were recruited by Dabo for obvious reasons.

Somehow both brothers measure in at 6'2" and weigh 215 pounds though I'm not sure if that is actually true or if the recruiting services just copy-pasted their information.

I'd love to get excited about this, but I can't put lipstick on this pig. We've mentioned before that this is a terrible take, two of them in reality. Despite the occasional need to offer a legacy guy here and there, it is absolutely inexcusable to offer two of them like this. Imagine these scholarships going to another DE and maybe another DB. Think of how useful that would be. If we are lucky the brothers will contribute some on special teams. But when was the last time we were lucky like that?

QT's Take: You don't want my take on this one. I absolutely love The Judge so this is painful to do. Actually watch the film of both of them before you say "trust the coaches". Go watch the film--I'll wait. I was going to say slow as molasses but I will try to be more gentlemanly--they are Clemson players now, random pleasantry, etc.

I am worried about lateral agility at the LB position. If you watch both of their film you can see the other brother in less than flattering positions. Neither will be able to cover anybody so to see the field they need to become run stuffing linebackers or defensive end hybrids. Judah is the one who can actually play on the line but at 6'2 I don't see the ability to get off the line fast enough or any change of direction. If they can't stick on defense then the scholarships are wasted (we don't need thumpers on scholarship).

Perhaps in this past year they have learned how to be quicker and faster. Maybe they really are just late bloomers--I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. But before any of that we will see how long Venables keeps them on his side of the ball.