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National Signing Day 2015: Tanner Muse Signs With Clemson

Student Sports

Clemson has added another critical player in the secondary with Belmont, NC, native Tanner Muse. A product of South Point High School, Muse is a 3 star safety who should help shore up what could be a weakness for Clemson in 2016. Muse currently sits at 6'3" and weighs in at 207 pounds. He has some excellent speed with a 4.32 40 and that coupled with his height makes him a very tantalizing prospect.

Muse was recruited by Dan Brooks with Mike Reed as his secondary recruiter. He also had offers from Michigan, Louisville, UNC, and Northwestern among others.

The nice thing with Muse is he does have some versatility. He can play some linebacker though appears to have more experience in the secondary and will likely spend most of his time there at Clemson. That said it wouldn't be too shocking to see Venables move him around a bit if it makes sense for the defense.

QT's Take: Tanner will test the baseball waters to see how high he can get drafted and more importantly what kind of signing bonus is someone willing to throw at him. Seriously though Tanner, minor league baseball is not the best life. Tanner has been somewhat overlooked by recruiting services because he didn't go to any camps or get invitations to national all-star games. Tanner has elite straight-line speed. He loves to hit in the secondary and take kill shots. Will probably bulk up a bit and move to LB but could follow in the Kearse (Kam Chancellor) big safety mold. Depends on what Coach Venables decides here but FS, SS, or OLB are all possibilities.

With all that crazy athleticism he does have a tendency to get lost at times in games and not dominate the way you would expect him to. He could do a better job of diagnosing run/pass and being more consistent in run support. That being said, if he comes to Clemson, I think in three years he could be a surprise standout in the class. He has that high of a ceiling because of his athleticism.