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National Signing Day 2015: Deon Cain Signs With Clemson

Student Sports

Despite a last minute scare, Tampa, Florida, wide receiver Deon Cain has signed a letter of intent with Clemson University. Cain, a 5-star recruit, selected Clemson over a variety of offers that included Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Florida State among others.

Cain is a  6'1" wide receiver from Tampa Bay Tech and is listed as having a 4.4 40 time, not too bad for a guy that could develop into a special receiver at Clemson. He currently weighs in at 194 lbs. and it wouldn't be surprising to see him add a few pounds onto his frame though I wouldn't want it to come at the expense of his speed.

He was recruited by Tony Elliott with Jeff Scott lending a helping hand. An efficient and effective duo that should see Clemson continue to recruit at a high level.

QTs Take: Welcome to Tampa recruiting. I don't think people realize how monumental of a feat this really is. Tampa isn't an area you can normally just stroll into and pluck out the best recruits. Clemson hasn't been able to get a foot in the door in the Tampa area for twenty years. We made it into Plant High School this year, for crying out loud. Kudos to Scott and Elliott for getting in and lasting all the way to signing day.

Deon Cain is the best offensive player in this class, arguably the best player in the entire class overall. His ceiling is so high--I'm still amazed at how well he plays the position despite spending all his time at QB. He will play the 5 position to begin but, depending on need, could line up all over. Routes need to get a bit crisper but it will come in time. Will start in the 2-deep and play freshman year, although he probably will need a little time to adjust to the position. Sammy Watkins comparisons will come but I think he profiles like a Roddy White type of receiver if I had to make a comparison. Great hands, smooth athlete who glides down the field, and a really good kid despite the late fireworks.