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Shakin' the Southland College Football Bowl Pick'em

We opened a bowl pick'em league for all of our readers to compete in. Take a look.

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Before we get into bowl pick'em, it's time to announce the winners of the ACC Pick'em League we put together this year.

  1. Mebbeimamazed
  2. Mr_C
  3. mad deathvalleyfoamhatters
  4. The Argonaut

Congratulations to Mebbeimamazed. Also, a props to The Argonaut who for many is a familiar name from our comment section. The Argonaut only missed the mark on a mere 19 of 105 ACC games (excludes Thursday night games). Very Impressive! He beat me by two games and seven points.

Now onto this year's Bowl Pick'em League:

JOIN by clicking here

I recommend that you use your SB Nation name so you can get your due credit if you win. I also recommend that you go ahead and quickly pick winners as soon as you join in case you forget to go back and do it more thoughtfully later this week. Finally, I just want to give you a quick reminder that the higher the number the more confident you are in the pick. The pick listed #1 is the one that you're least confident in and are only putting one point on.

Counting Notre Dame, 10 ACC teams will participate in bowl games. My projections got a little wonky when the Taxslayer Bowl failed to select an ACC team. Instead, Louisville will get a nearby destination as the Music City Bowl selected them out the ACC. Another team getting a bid close to home, NC State was selected by the Belk Bowl. I expect they will do a much better job filling Bank of America Stadium than the Tar Heels did on Saturday. Here's a look at all the ACC Bowls:

Sun Bowl, Dec. 26th: Miami vs. Washington State

Pinstripe Bowl, Dec. 26th: Duke vs. Indiana

Independence Bowl, Dec. 26th: Virginia Tech vs. Tulsa

Military Bowl, Dec. 28th: Pittsburgh vs. Navy

Russell Athletic Bowl, Dec. 29th: North Carolina vs. Baylor

Belk Bowl, Dec. 30th: NC State vs. Mississippi State

Music City Bowl, Dec. 31st: Louisville vs. Texas A&M

Peach Bowl, Dec. 31st: Florida State vs. Houston

Orange Bowl, Dec. 31st: Clemson vs. Oklahoma

Fiesta Bowl, Jan. 1st: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State