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Clemson faked a punt in the playoff vs Oklahoma and it blew college football's mind

The difference between when you fake a punt on your own and you do so when the coach calls.

It's hard not to think back to the ACC Championship Game.

Clemson punter Andy Teasdall elected to call his own number and fake a punt and he absolutely got an earful from head coach Dabo Swinney for doing so.

On Thursday evening, against No. 4 Oklahoma with a trip to the national title game on the line, Teasdall went to the fake punt well once again -- this time at the urging of his head coach.

The results were completely different this time as well.

Teasdall threw a great ball to a wide open player down field helping to set up the Tigers to gain the lead against the Sooners for the first time during the contest.

Game on.